25 Blogs with Fun Back-to-School Crafts for the Kids

suppliesWith the school year starting it’s time to focus on ways to make the new school year fun. One way to do this is by packing the final hours of summer with creative back-to-school craft projects. Planning out crafts for the afternoons can help get your kids back in the mindset of sitting quietly and working, much like they’ll be doing when classes begin again, and they’ll have a blast assembling each project. For back-to-school craft ideas, read through these 25 blogs.

School Supplies

Don’t unnecessarily waste money on decorated folders and notebooks for the kids this year. Instead, buy the plain folders and notebooks and let the kids decorate them at home. Use tape, markers and Mod Podge to create one-of-a-kind school supplies your kids will love. For ideas to get you and your kids started, take a look at these five blogs.

Organizing Containers

You’ll need a storage box for each of your kids to keep all of their papers and art projects organized once school starts again. To make sure each child has a box that reflects his personality, have your kids make individualized boxes. Other organizational containers used to corral pencils and crayons can also be dressed up by the kids.  These five blogs will give you more ideas and instructions for special projects.

Teacher Gifts

As you’re gathering school supplies, consider picking up a little gift for your child’s new teacher too. Back-to-school teacher gifts can include supplies that the teacher would like to have in her room and other inexpensive things.  Come up with crafty ways to give those items to the teacher with the help of these five blogs.

Gifts for Classmates

A new school year means a whole new group of kids with whom to make friends, and a little welcome back-to-school gift can help with that task. Making gifts for future classmates will get your child excited about meeting the new kids and giving out the gifts.  If you are in need of some kid-friendly ideas that won’t cost you much, take a look at these five blog posts.

Crayon Fun

Pick up a few extra boxes of crayons while they’re on sale for the new school year and get rid of older, broken crayons by letting the kids melt them into a new chunky shape.  These swirly crayons make perfect back-to-school gifts for preschoolers, as they are more manageable for small hands to use.  For more crafty crayon fun you can check out these blogs.

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