24 Blogs Highlighting Recipes to Make Trail Mix with the Kids

trailmixThe combination of salty and sweet, plus the fact that it’s so highly customizable, makes trail mix a favorite snack for both kids and adults alike. Homemade trail mix is easy to assemble and a great treat to make with the kids. It’s also the perfect on-the-go snack since it’s easily portable and not too messy. If you are getting a group of kids together for a play date, trail mix can do double duty as both an activity and a snack. Ask everyone to bring one ingredient and then let the kids mix and match their trail mix. Looking for a good trail mix recipe? Try the recipes and suggestions in these 24 blog entries.


If you have kids with nut allergies or if you are looking for a nut-free snack that your kids can take to school, these six blog posts can help.  With all of the tasty options that can go into trail mix, your kids won’t even miss the nuts.


Whether it’s soccer practice, cheer, baseball or some other activity, your kids need a healthy snack that will help keep them going. The last thing kids need is a bunch of sugary snacks that will give them an immediate rush of energy followed promptly by a sugar crash.  These six blog articles will provide healthy recipes for trail mix you can try with your kids.

  • On the Go this Summer with Some Healthy Trail Mix Try this versatile recipe when you are putting together some trail mix for busy summer outings.
  • How to Make Healthy Trail Mix The trail mix created by this blogger has a higher protein content than most traditional mixes, making it a great grab-and-go snack option that will keep you full for hours.
  • Summer Snacking on a Budget Limiting snacking to certain times of the day is one way to reduce excessive snacking; when the kids do need a snack, serve them something healthy, such as this version of trail mix.
  • Feeling Snacky: 9 Healthy Snack Ideas Trail mix is a healthy, customizable snack idea that’s perfect for picky eaters.
  • How to Make a Superior Trail Mix Shopping at a health food store will allow you to pick up dried fruit without any added sugar, allowing you to control any empty calories in your trail mix.
  • Homemade Antioxidant Trail Mix Each ingredient in this trail mix recipe add its own nutritional punch, so you can feel good about what you’re eating.


They always say that everything is good in moderation, right? These trail mix recipes combine chocolate or candy with healthy ingredients, giving you a mostly nutritious snack with a sweet punch. Check out these six blog entries for some delicious sweet and salty recipes.

For Gift Giving

Trail mix is a great gift option, whether you’re looking for a teacher’s gift or something the kids can give to their friends at school. It’s also a healthy treat that will please both the parents and kids. For more gift ideas, read through these six blog articles.

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