10 Signs Your Child Needs Deodorant

The milestones in a child’s life can come upon us unexpectedly, even when we anticipate them. One of these events that creeps up on parents is the dawn of pubescence. When our children’s bodies begin to change, we may not really notice until something catches us blatantly off guard. Body odor, for example, can be missed for a while before it becomes obvious that the kid is in need of help. For those parents who might be concerned about not catching it from the outset, here are a few tell-tale signs that it’s time to reach for the deodorant.

  1. Your child asks for deodorant – Some kids like to emulate their parents when they are little, so if they see you shaving, they want to shave. When you put on your make up, they want to put on make up also. So it’s only natural that when you put on deodorant, they will want to put some on too. When your child is way past the stage of wanting to copy your every move and comes to you asking what kind of deodorant to use, then you know it’s time.
  2. Siblings ask for it – Sometimes it may not be the one who needs it that asks. A brother or sister may come to you with a request that their sibling start wearing deodorant. More likely they will just come to you with the statement that their sibling stinks!
  3. You over hear conversations related to you child’s body odor – Unfortunately friends will often talk among themselves rather than confront the person who needs to know. You may overhear your kid’s friends making comments about body odor. If that happens, you will want to correct the situation quickly.
  4. Your friends mention it to you – Your nose may not be a sensitive as some. It can be embarrassing to have a friend tell you that your child needs deodorant, but don’t be; they may have a more sensitive sense of smell than you. Consider yourself fortunate that someone is concerned enough and considerate enough to let you know rather than letting your child continue to walk around offending people with BO.
  5. Your child is asked to take a shower – There have been cases where a teacher will pull a student aside and either ask the student about his or her hygiene or possibly hand them soap and deodorant and suggest that the student go take a shower. This can be embarrassing for your child, but it is equally embarrassing for your child to be the target of BO jokes.
  6. Smelly clothes – If your child’s tops begin smelling badly, you should probably begin investing in deodorant for your child. You may not actually smell your child, but the odor will be on the clothing.
  7. When Grandma complains – Grandmothers have a tendency to let most things slide with their grandkids. In fact, many parents are surprised at what their parents will let the kids get away with considering how strict those same parents were when they were young. So when Grandma says something about Junior smelling like a man, it’s time to go get the deodorant.
  8. When the teacher calls – Sometimes a teacher will call the student’s parents to let them know that their kid’s body order is out of hand. Hopefully, parents will catch it before this happens.
  9. Armpit stains on clothing – If your child’s clothing has stains in the armpit area it may be time to use deodorant. These stains can signal changes in body chemistry and if there is not odor already present, it’s just a matter of time before it happens.
  10. Your nose will tell you – Most parents know exactly when to haul out the deodorant for their kids. When your kid smells gamey, it’s that time!

Kids can produce body odor way before puberty sets in, so don’t be surprised if your five or seven year old comes in some days smelling a little stinky. If your youngster is in need of deodorant, you may want to invest in some of the natural products available or products formulated for kids.

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