10 Ideal Summer Nanny Candidates


Choosing the perfect summer nanny for your family takes time. There are a variety of candidates that would make an ideal summer nanny. You do not want to settle for the first person that comes your way. Look for qualities that work with your family to make the summer and experience memorable.

  1. College Students: College students have the ideal schedule for summer nanny jobs. Typically, college students end the spring semester around May and do not go back to school until the end of August.
  2. Teachers: Teachers know children. Whether the children are elementary school, middle school or high school aged, teachers have taken classes and understand how to speak and work with kids. After the school year ends, many teachers have open schedules that work well with a summer nanny schedule.
  3. Early Education Students: Early education students make ideal candidates because children are their chosen field of work. Many early education students work at their school day care centers during the school year. These candidates already know how to work with children and often want to continue their experience over the summer.
  4. Single Candidates: Many summer nannies are live-in. An ideal candidate should be single and not married. A single nanny can usually move into your home without any problems and also give her undivided attention to your family.
  5. Active Candidates: Summertime is full of activities. Choosing an active person to be your summer nanny helps ensure that your children are staying active and participating in a variety of different activities.
  6. Experience Seekers: Some people want experience working with children. A summer nanny job offers candidates that want experience the opportunity to get the experience they need for future employment, as well as a potentially glowing reference at the end of the summer.
  7. Someone You Know: An older teenager that you know through a friend can make an ideal summer nanny. If this is the teen’s first job, you can talk to her parents and work out a summer plan.
  8. Regular Babysitter: Your regular babysitter already knows your children. If she is old enough, consider asking her if she would like to be your nanny over the summer. This candidate is ideal because she already understands your children and you know she works well with your family.
  9. Friendly Candidates: You want a summer nanny that is friendly to your family. While most people do not come across as unfriendly during interviews, choose a candidate that you feel a friendly connection with. Watch how she interacts with your children. Ask if the children like her after the interview is over.
  10. Dependable Candidates: Summer nannies need to be dependable. With the chaos of summertime, a good summer nanny should have no problem adhering to a schedule. Look for candidates that have a good track record with previous employers and previous families.
While finding your ideal summer nanny can be hard, it is not impossible. Looking for a nanny that is hard-working, dependable and friendly will benefit your family. The experience can be rewarding and memorable for both your nanny and your family if you focus on finding the best nanny for your family.